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Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Thoughts become things...

everything in the universe is made of the same quantum stuff…the same stuff that comprised the infinite smallness and density of the singularity that became known as the Big Bang. What differentiates you from your cat and your cat from your coffee table and your coffee table from a planet or a star is vibration or frequency. Things that we perceive as solid, well they really aren’t at all; they simply vibrate at rate that causes us to perceive them that way. In actuality, the vast portion of the universe is made up of the empty spaces between sub-atomic particles. Vibration or frequency plays a huge role in The Law of Attraction. Remember the simple science you learned in grade school regarding magnetics and attraction? Well it isn’t confined to the cool little things stuck to your refrigerator door; it is everywhere, all the time. It is at the very heart of the relationship between consciousness (thoughts) and matter. It means that consciousness that is vibrating at a specific rate attracts matter of a similar vibrational rate.  It is how your environment and your experiences function as a mirror of your thoughts. It is, “As a man thinketh in his heart, so is he.” It is how an acorn manages to attract all of the things it needs from its environment to become an oak tree. It is the undisputable law of the universe. Frankly, you are not much different in function (form either for that matter) from your TV or radio. When you set the dial or channel to a specific frequency, you receive back signals that are vibrating on that frequency. Change the dial or channel and you get something entirely different back…such is it with your thought forms. That which you set your frequency to will attract back to you matter of a like frequency. It is in this way that your thoughts literally become things.

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