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Sunday, July 22, 2012

Tipping the Scale

I’d like to talk about anger, blame, fault finding and criticism. A nasty bunch to be sure and this insidious clan loves to masquerade as righteous, indignant and noble. They are anything but. It is typical of us, when our eyes are closed to our souls and our fearful personalities are in the driver’s seat, to use these tools as a means of justifying all manner of hurtful behavior. I think the Buddha summed it up best when he put forth this concept…

"Holding on to anger is like grasping a hot coal with the intention of throwing it at someone. You are the one getting burned."

Anytime we, for example, blame another, we can be certain that eventually and very plausibly sooner rather than later, we will be blamed ourselves. The same holds true for all the others as well. Every time we invoke one of these negative tools, it returns to us and usually it has several nasty friends in tow. There is neither a good place nor a good time to unleash a negative force that will, most certainly come back to us. Step out of the situation, ask, choose and learn.

Words are another avenue that will allow you to tip the balance of your day toward the positive. It has long been understood by both linguists and psychologists that words have a dramatic impact on the nervous system; both that of the speaker as well as the listener. Whether those words are part of our internal dialog or spoken aloud, the effect remains. Words have an effect on our heart rate, blood pressure, and as was demonstrated in the famous water experiments conducted by Dr. Masura Emoto, even on the cells and molecules of our bodies. In these experiments, words were taped to the exterior of containers containing water molecules. Words like , “Thank you” and “I love you”. The crystals were then frozen and produced spectacular, beautiful crystals displaying cohesive patterns. Conversely, when negative words such as “I hate you” and “You make me sick” were attached to the containers, the frozen water molecules displayed incoherent patterns that were anything but beautiful and geometric. Considering that our bodies are made up of over 70% water, imagine the impact words have on our physiology. It should therefore be of great concern to us the words we choose to communicate both with ourselves and others. A steady stream of words like love, beautiful, fantastic, gorgeous, wonderful, exciting, etc. will produce pronounced positive states while words like hate, horrible, awful, terrible, etc. will produce corresponding negative states so choose wisely.

Reckless words pierce like a sword, but the tongue of the wise brings healing (Proverbs 12:18).

Lastly I’d like to share the simple observation that every day, at its conclusion, will exist somewhere on a continuum between positive and negative. It will have been more of one than the other. When you begin to consistently produce days in which you have exhibited and put forth more positivity than negativity, the circumstances of your life will change for the good so rapidly that you will hardly be able to believe it. I know, I’ve been there. Your limitations will begin to disengage and your attained goals will be screaming toward you like a locomotive. It is not necessary to be perfect each day. You only need tip the scale 51% toward the positive for everything to begin to change. As your awareness and consciousness begin to shift, the 51% will give way to 60%, then 70% and so on. By that time, you will scarcely recognize your life as the same one you lived previously and in fact, it won’t be. Your past incarnation will be but a dim and pale comparison to the light, love and accomplishment that will become your daily reality. Remember, every possibility for you in the universe already exists and it has since the moment of creation. You simply call it out of The Field and into your life. Focusing on what you want as a present reality, empowering it with strong emotion, tipping the balance of your life to the positive and being grateful is how it all happens.

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